tunnel VRF

This post came about after answering a question on CSC regarding tunnels and VRF, and will elaborate on the the use case I suggested. Imagine two sites with multiple VRFs which need to communicate intra-VRF over a public WAN, lets run through the configuration options: Option A Each VRF would require a public IP which... Continue Reading →

IOS SSL VPN – tunnel mode

This configuration details how to setup an SSL VPN in 'tunnel mode' on a router running v15 IOS. Such a configuration could be run implemented on a small to mid-size remote site utilising an ISR router. Firstly install the AnyConnect package onto the router: ! webvpn install svc flash:/anyconnect-linux-64-4.2.01035-k9.pkg sequence 1 ! Confirm the package... Continue Reading →

Cisco ASA – configuring PPTP VPN

The Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol is a VPN implementation created by Microsoft to allow remote users access to secured networks via a PPTP server. Two protocols are used; a TCP control channel on port 1723 and a GRE tunnel to encapsulate the PPP packets. The ASA uses packet inspection to detect the control packets and allow... Continue Reading →

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