EVE-NG – SONiC switch template

A tweaked SONiC switch template to use when the management VRF has been enabled. Simply changes to the interface names to match what is used by the SONiC OS. Copy the following into the following locations: /opt/unetlab/html/templates/amd/sonicswvrf.yml/opt/unetlab/html/templates/intel/sonicswvrf.yml # Copyright (c) 2016, Andrea Dainese # Copyright (c) 2018, Alain Degreffe # All rights reserved. # #... Continue Reading →

Cisco Designated VIP 2022

It was a bit of squeeze this year to find time to contribute on the Cisco Community forum with a busy work schedule and then moving to FTE at the end of the year, but I am pleased to say I made it into the Cisco VIP 2022 group!

Expired authentication keys

We all know that authentication should be implemented between peers when using a routing protocol. Better still, instead of using a single static key a key-chain should be used so that they can be automatically rotated and via automation you can keep removing and adding keys to the chain to keep the endless cycle going.... Continue Reading →

Static route next-hop

Static routes are a much loved and well used configuration staple but this post will highlight a possible misconfiguration step and explore the behaviour. In cisco IOS a static route is defined by: ! ip route <destination_prefix> <destination_mask> <interface> <next-hop> ! While it may be common to omit the the outgoing interface, it is also... Continue Reading →

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