Hi there, this is my blog about networking, mostly Cisco and sometimes Juniper. With occasionally posts involving Linux, network automation, programming/ scripting and what ever comes to mind whilst I’m sat at a terminal.

My name is Seb Rupik and I am a Network Engineer contractor from the UK. I’ve been involved with enterprise networking since the day in 2010 that I was told my SysAdmin position at the University of Southampton involved looking after the IPv6 implementation; 7206VXR’s, Cat6509, 3750 and 5508 WLCs. It was a great environment to learn and become passionate about all things networking.

This blog came about as a place to record solutions or implementations that had involved a lot of trial, error and googling to find. In its current guise it serves as a record of solutions or implementations that no amount of web search could find. Hopefully you will find it useful.


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