JavaFX 8 – Mandelbrot stage 2

The source file has grown by some 53 lines so what have we gained: A more colourful palette, the values of which are pre-computed for each possible iteration value: palette = new int[MAX_ITER]; for (int i = 0; i<palette.length; i++) palette[i] = java.awt.Color.HSBtoRGB(i/256f, 1, i/(i+8f)); The ability to zoom in and out of the set... Continue Reading →

JavaFX 8 – Mandelbrot tutorial

Being a Java luddite who still defaults to Swing I thought it was time to learn something new. Here's a set of tutorials combing JavaFX with the GUI favourite the Mandelbrot fractal. I won't dwell on the function f(z)=z2 +C other than to say the JDK doesn't support Complex numbers, so the initial method looks... Continue Reading →

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