Squid SSL Decryption with FreeBSD

# pkg update # pkg search squid squid-4.9 HTTP Caching Proxy # pkg install squid-4.9 # sysrc squid_enable=YES # squid -z It should not be necessary to compile squid from ports as the required options '--with-openssl' and '--enable-ssl-crtd' are already present. This can be confirmed by checking the output of: # squid -v Next edit... Continue Reading →

CCDP – passed

After 3 years of owning the 'official cert guide' for the ARCH exam and two failed attempts this morning I managed to pass the CCDP exam! Having sat the exam on two previous occasions some of the questions were familiar to me now but that doesn't get away from the fact that the exam has... Continue Reading →

Cisco Designated VIP 2020

I'm pleased to announce I have been awarded Cisco Designated VIP status 2020 for my CSC posts over the last twelve months. Due to changing contracts and not being fully committed to studying this last year meant I didn't post as much as I could have, so am really pleased I made the selection!


The Cisco PSIRT openVuln API was released at the end of 2015 and I stumbled across it in 2016 and have written numerous post and scripts which access it. However a some point in the last three years access to the API has been restricted and a "Service Partner Contract" is now required. This means... Continue Reading →

UNIX graveyard

One of the great things about being a network contractor is the frequent change of employers and the different networks and infrastructure that I am introduced to. I recently was introduced to the oldest datacentre I have seen to date. Deep inside an old looking concrete office building down winding corridors I was led into a... Continue Reading →

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