Juniper SRX VDSL configuration

Below is the minimum config you would need to get a functional VDSL connection on an SRX. The platform I am using is the old (but still supported!) SRX110H2-VA. One gotcha is the vlan-id setting on the pt- interface, a significant amount of searching was required to determine what this value should be; VLAN ID... Continue Reading →

Running Palo Alto VM under bhyve

Try as I might I had no luck in running the Palo Alto VM under VirtualBox. It is not a supported environment but VMware Player is not available under FreeBSD. this post will look at getting the VM running under the BSD homegrown bhyve. # uname -r 13.0-RELEASE To covert a VMDK file into a... Continue Reading →

Cisco VIP kit

During this current lockdown nearly everything arrives by post and each box contains the same sort of items on a weekly basis, so it was great when a box from the states arrived. Inside was the Cisco Designated VIP kit for 2020; trinkets, drinks container, huge glass paperweight and most importantly new clothes. Sweet! I... Continue Reading →

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