Cisco ISE 1.4 – Configuring Eduroam

This document details the steps for using ISE to authenticate Eduroam users. Janet is the name of the UK provider of Eduroam, please replace this with your own reference. Three rules cover the authentication scenarios which will be encountered: Rule 1: User is not a member of the institution Rule 2: User is a member... Continue Reading →

Cisco WLC Mobility Groups

Cisco WLC Mobility Groups - Data Path down/ Control Path down Cisco Mobility Group – Anchor : Data Path Down The path of the mobility group EtherIP tunnel between WLCs passes through a single CheckPoint firewall (R77.20), requiring that rules be defined to allow UDP/16666 and TCP/97 traffic to and from the WLCs. I created... Continue Reading →

Deploying Cisco Wireless Domain Services (WDS)

Wireless Domain Services (WDS) is a service that can be configured on Cisco autonomous Access Points (AP), where a single AP is nominated to handle authentication requests for all attached APs. The benefits of this include caching of user credentials to speed up authentication and improve client roaming between APs.The AP running the WDS server... Continue Reading →

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