Expired authentication keys

We all know that authentication should be implemented between peers when using a routing protocol. Better still, instead of using a single static key a key-chain should be used so that they can be automatically rotated and via automation you can keep removing and adding keys to the chain to keep the endless cycle going.... Continue Reading →

tunnel VRF

This post came about after answering a question on CSC regarding tunnels and VRF, and will elaborate on the the use case I suggested. Imagine two sites with multiple VRFs which need to communicate intra-VRF over a public WAN, lets run through the configuration options: Option A Each VRF would require a public IP which... Continue Reading →

EIGRP IPv6 map-leak

Demonstration of the EIGRP leak-map feature in an IPv6 topology. The leak-map feature allows for a prefix to be advertise which forms part of a larger summary prefix.

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