Running Palo Alto VM under bhyve

Try as I might I had no luck in running the Palo Alto VM under VirtualBox. It is not a supported environment but VMware Player is not available under FreeBSD. this post will look at getting the VM running under the BSD homegrown bhyve.

# uname -r

To covert a VMDK file into a raw format image, the utility qemu-img is found in the qemu-utils package.

# pkg search qemu-utils
qemu-utils-4.2.1               QEMU userland utilities
# pkg install qemu-utils-4.2.1

Extract the contents of the OVA and convert the VMDK file into a format which we can use with bhyve.

$ tar xf PA-VM-ESX-10.0.4.ova
$ ls                     PA-VM-ESX-10.0.4.ova
PA-VM-ESX-10.0.4.ovf                    PA-VM-ESX-10.0.4-disk1.vmdk
$ qemu-img convert -f vmdk -O raw PA-VM-ESX-10.0.4-disk1.vmdk PA-10.0.4.img

There is a great many pages online detailing the creating of bridge interfaces and connecting the VM and LAN interfaces, however this does not seem to work with wlan0 interfaces. Plus the VM is for development work and doesn’t need network connectivity beyond the confines of my laptop so I am creating a ‘host-only adapter’.

# ifconfig tap0 create
# sysctl 0 -> 1
# ifconfig tap0 inet
# ifconfig tap0 up

The PA VM must be booted in leagcy BIOS mode, so you will need to ensure you have the sysutils/bhyve-firmware package installed.

# /usr/sbin/bhyve -c 2 -m 4G -AHP -s 0:0,hostbridge -s1:0,lpc -s 2:0,virtio-net,tap0 -s 3:0,virtio-blk,./PA-10.0.4.img -l bootrom,/usr/local/share/uefi-firmware/BHYVE_UEFI_CSM.fd -l com1,stdio vm0

The console output form bootup will then be displayed in the terminal. It will look as if it has stalled, but eventually eth0 interface status will be displayed and the VM will cycle through the usual PA-VM login prompts

Once logged into the VM run the show system info and note that the management interface is running as a DHCP client. To reach this VM we need to configure a static management IP.

set deviceconfig system ip-address netmask
set deviceconfig system type static

The VM will now be reachable:

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